• Kathy Churchill

Abandon all hope those that enter here!

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Let's hope not as the cast of FADS are rehearsing hard for their next production.

The play is 'Abandonment' and will performed at Framlingham College from Weds 30th Oct to Sat 2nd Nov.

'Abandonment' is a play about love, death, identity and evolution from the bestselling and highly acclaimed novelist Kate Atkinson.

Elizabeth, childless and recently separated, just wants to be alone. She's moved into a converted Victorian mansion, alive with history, character, woodworm and rot, where she is constantly invaded by her adoptive mother and sister, her lesbian best friend, an amorous photographer and a New Age builder, all determined to make their mark. But Elizabeth's arrival has also disturbed the ghosts of the house's past occupants: most specifically, Agnes, an 1860s governess who was seduced by her Darwinian employer, and who is now forced to revisit her long-forgotten past.

Tickets on sale now.


Elizabeth: Kathy Churchill

Agnes: Susanna Pickering

Kitty/Laetitia: Claire Harries

Suzy/Gertie: Jo Pemberton

Callum/Rev Scrobie: Martin Churchill

Ina/Lavender: Nina Trebilcock

Alec/Merric: Peter Hilton

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