• Kathy Churchill

Production Manager Required

For our Autumn production we are looking for a Production Manager!

This is an important role as they are responsible for organising the building, painting and moving of the set. This is done in a barn close to Framlingham and then moved to the theatre at Framlingham College, usually on the Sunday before performance week.

The Production Manager is responsible for:

1. Liaise with designer, understand model and construction drawings.

2. Organising teams to build and paint set.

3. Organising transport of set to the theatre.

4. Prepare a schedule ensure all finished and set up on time.

5. Log and measure (with help ) all scenery and to keep a record of what we have over at the storage barn.

If you would be interested in learning more or would like to help with any aspect of this duty then please contact Glynn on glynnmckay@gmail.com or call him on 01728 723865

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