Join in

Although FADS is a well-established theatre group, we like to think it is more than that. Yes, we do put plays on twice a year; yes, we read quite a number of plays that we have no intention of putting on. But we also go on trips to other theatre companies, both amateur and professional, we have four or five garden parties in the summer, on-stage parties after every show, a Christmas dinner; FADS is a sociable group.

Like all theatre companies, FADS is always looking for new members. You don't have to act, but you would be very welcome if you do. There are many things (scenery, costumes, props, catering, lighting, sound, transport, programmes, liaison, publicity, photography, to name a few) which need doing and thinking about before a play hits the stage and you would be especially welcome if you would like to help with some of those. We meet every Tuesday throughout the year.

If you are or even think you might be interested, please call our Secretary Kathy Churchill on Tel: 07810 023207 or Email: